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There are many choices. We need to find the best one for you. If you are a  interested in investment property, a conventional loan is a solid option, depending on how long  you plan to own it. Better rates and lower fees than a FHA loan, but if you are a little credit score challenged it might be the best option. Make good money but write most of it off? A Bank Statement or P&L/Balance Sheet Loan will allow you to qualify and is cheaper than a Hard Money Loan. Specialty loans like DSCR and 3%, 2%, 1% Loans are attractive in this higher interest rate environment. An FHA 203k Loan may be perfect for your fix and flip, while I/O (interest only) Loans will cost you less monthly. If your project is  over 4 units, office, industrial or other non-residential space, our Commercial Lending division will be able to help.

The Standards
Conventional – link
FHA – link
FHA 203k – link
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3%, 2%, 1% Loans – link

Specialty Loans
Bank Statement or P&L/Balance Sheet – link
Hard Money Loans – link
Commercial Financing – link
Interest Only – link

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