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To exceed the boundaries of ordinary lenders, pushing the edges of technology and customer service.

Technology is quickly taking over the banking industry. In a world where most would like full online access to mortgage products, the industry, overall continues to get closer to this. We see ourselves not only on that forefront, but driving its objectives, making borrowing on real estate easier and more interactive.

  • Guide To Loan Types

    Conventional, VA, Jumbo, HELOC, USDA, Stated Income (bank statement or P&L), Fix & Flip, and Commercial. Understanding the differences and general requirements.

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    Personal, Business, PPE – tools and toys to make your journey easier, now and after your loan.

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35+ Years

With experience in residential and commercial lending and sales, a strong grounding in technology and a vision to clearly see the future of banking

What You Should Expect

We Have Solutions For Many
Refinance and Purchase Situations

Standard Mortgages (with or without cash out)

Conventional, FHA, VA, High-Balance, Jumbo, HELOC – what best fits your situation?

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VA Refinances and VA IRRRLs

Take advantage of your service credentials. Limits have been removed so a VA loan of any size is possible. Existing VA to VA refinances (VA IRRRL) are extremely easy and require minimal paperwork.

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Reverse Mortgages – HECM

You have built up the equity. Why not let it make your life easier? If you are 62 years or older and have about 50% equity in your home, you probably qualify. Take cash out, make no payments and never make another mortgage payment.

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Stated Income (bank statement or P&L loans)

Write offs make the income on your tax returns unable to cover lender DTI (debt to income ration) guidelines? There are other answers. 12 or 24 month bank statement and P&L programs may be your answer.

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“Enhanced” Pre-Qualification

Today many properties are selling above asking price, and being paid for all cash. How can you compete? If you have other assets you can pull cash from, bid all cash and refinance the property once it is won. If that is not an option, our “Enhanced” Pre-Qualification gives a seller greater confidence in your offer. Greater than a standard bank Pre-Qualification.

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Reverse Purchase

If you are minimum 62 years of age and have cash to invest, buy more property with a HECM (home equity conversion mortgage or reverse mortgage) purchase. Rule of thumb is about 50% equity to purchase a property with a reverse, but it allows you to buy much more real estate and never make a mortgage payment.

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VA Purchases

The Veteran’s Administration via the Federal Housing Administration makes it easy for those who have served (or are serving) to purchase a home. $0 down, no PMI and they have removed size restrictions so any loan amount you qualify for can be granted under the VA.

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USDA Purchases

$0 down, no PMI, in designated rural areas where there are growth initiatives.

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    The Loan Process – Today

    Many changes have occurred in the mortgage industry since the COVID 19 Outbreak. Some affect the loan process itself.

    home loan lender

    The I Love My Lender Difference

    Being easily accessible on a number of platforms. Utilizing secure technology to improve your experience. Offering current updates on the mortgage industry and rate trends. ILML is a direct lender so we do fund our own loans. We are also affiliated with over 100 other lenders, providing extremely competitive rates and programs that accommodate most scenarios.

    Continue to explore the website or speak with one of our mortgage professionals. Call us. You will never hear the words, “Please listen to all options as our menu options have recently changed”. Not ever. Not even if we change them. We do promise to make it easy to reach a real person.

    Our seasoned loan officers will assist you with finding a great rate with a program that meets your needs, offering options and understanding. Please utilize us.

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    Find The Right Loan For You


    Conforming & High-Balance

    Most common refinance method, remove PMI, lower rates, access equity


    Jumbo Loans

    Beyond a cities conforming limit, a loan is a Jumbo. Higher rates, additional requirements and ratio restrictions may apply.


    Reverse Mortgage or HECM

    HECM (home equity conversion mortgage or reverse mortgage). You built up equity. Why not use it to make life easier? Refinance, take cash out, make no payment and never make another mortgage payment.

    Fix & Flip

    Fix & Flip

    Get a loan on your property which includes its current value, and takes into consideration upgrades you plan. Additional funds granted for those upgrades.

    VA Loans

    VA Loans & IRRRLs

    Use your past (or present) military status to refinance a standard loan to a VA at a lower rate. Perhaps pull out some equity. VA to VA (IRRRL) refinances are quick and require very little paperwork.


    USDA to USDA streamlines

    Already have a USDA loan? Refinance USDA to USDA to lower your rate. Quick loans requiring little paperwork.

    Stated Income

    Bank Statement or P&L (Non-QM Loans)

    Too many write offs? DTI (debt to income ratio) won’t qualify for a conventional loan? Our programs accept 12 or 24 months of banks statements or your business P&L to qualify your loan.


    Conforming & High-Balance

    Most common way to buy property. Requires a down payment, possibly other costs and your income must qualify you.


    Jumbo Loans

    Beyond a cities conforming limit, a loan is a Jumbo. Higher rates, additional requirements and ratio restrictions may apply.


    Reverse Mortgage Purchase

    At age 62, with about 50% equity you can purchase a home and never make a mortgage payment.

    VA Loans

    VA Purchase

    $0 down, no PMI and no loan limits. Rates generally run lower than conventional loans.

    Commercial Lending

    Commercial Purchase & Refinance

    Vary greatly depending on situation. Please speak with one of our experts. Give us some basic information about your scenario below:

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      Commercial Loans

      Client Love

      Clients Showing Us A Little

      Zero cost loan was better for me

      It makes a difference when someone knows their job well enough to give a brief education to a client. I was going back and forth on paying closing costs or doing a zero cost loan, adding the costs to the interest rate. Well my goal was short term and I was going to need to refinance again within a year for personal reasons. Made sense not to lose all the up front costs by amortizing them over the full term of the loan so when I refinanced the 2nd time I didn’t lose all those costs. So hard to find a loan officer that works for a lender that is this well informed. Highly recommend them.

      Cameron T.

      Retail Manager

      Had zero cost loan but showing the cost was better for me

      I have been shopping loans for a while and have been focused on loans that are zero-cost loans. I didn’t understand that those costs just get embedded into the loan interest rate and by not showing them I can’t write them off my taxes. After discussing it with my CPA I found I Love My Lender’s suggestion was correct and closed that way. I am paying less per month than I would have and got the tax write-off on top of it. The very knowledgeable crew there.

      John S.

      Insurance Agent

      I won the bid on my property!

      It is so competitive buying property right now, and a lot getting sold all cash, that I was losing property bids left and right. Unfortunately I was not in a position to buy all cash. Then I found I Love My Lender and got one of their E Pre-Quals to submit with my offers. Sellers loved the fact that we could get started sooner than other people with pre-qualification letters and I won my next bid! Name works for me – I Love My Lender. Recommend them to anyone.

      Monica Q.

      IT Director

      Riding the Rates was a great ride

      I got on the rate update list back in June of 2021 and since I could see daily how rates were changing I got to take advantage of the drop in late July. Got a better rate here than I would have anywhere else as most want you to lock right away. I Love My Lender not only has a strong understanding of the lending space, they share the information to benefit their clients in a way no other lender does. Highly recommend the team at I Love My Lender.

      Erica S.


      Have to give them credit

      We had a large jumbo loan and they guided us through what we needed to do to increase our credit score and gave us an easy way to monitor it. They helped us get our score up and saved us a lot on the better rate we got with the higher score. Highly recommend them.

      David K.

      Auto Restoration

      Turned my situation around

      We had our current lender mistakenly show mortgage rates and put a foreclosure against us because of it. Mr. Diamond spent time with our lender explaining the situation, got them both turned around, got our refinance done, and saved us tens of thousands per year! Amazingly talented. Highly recommend this company.

      Robert B.


      Closing at my convenience

      Seems they can make things work under my schedule no matter what. Ended up taking a quick vacation with family and our closing date came up. I Love My Lender found a way to send a notary to me at the resort I was staying at. Nothing like signing loan docs with a Mai Tai. Thank you for making it easy for me.

      Kelsi G.

      Insurance Broker

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