Company Phone Numbers

An excellent resource. Type in a company name and most of the time Get Human displays the best phone number to reach them, along with the sequence of keys to push to get to a human fastest.
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Free Conference Call

OK I know you Zoomers are scratching your heads right now, but Free Conference Call has been around for decades and is free for any size audio conference, and free for 25 seats in a video webinar. You can record, show different screens, take or turn over control of the meeting, audio or video. Easier to invite people as you get a permanent call in phone number and access code. Makes it easy to send someone an invitation. For more video seats, they have paid plans, but if audio calls are enough, or you don’t host large video/screen shares, this company is worth a look.
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Zoom is a very popular audio/video conferencing program, available for free
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Whois Lookup

Trouble finding a contact phone number on a website? When a domain name is registered, many people allow the primary contact on the website to be shown, if you know where to look. Some people, however, pay extra to hide their contact details. There are actually many more Whois Lookup sites on the web.  They also allow you to check domain names to see if they are available. Here are a few popular ones:

Phones for When You Travel

If you travel outside the US, it can be challenging or costly to make a call back to the US. There are many free and paid options that have a variety of features to meet your needs offshore. Just add WiFi. Here are two options:

  • FREETextNow Provides a US phone number, city of your choice, completely free (ads show on your screen). You can download the app to your cell phone through your phone’s app store. It gives you a screen that looks a lot like your normal cell phone. As long as you are connected to WiFi, your cell phone can send and receive calls just like a normal phone in the US, people can leave voice mail messages and you can send and receive text messages – Visit Website
  • Ring Central Single user to a full virtual PBX. Ring has apps for your computer, cell phone and you can program the numbers into IP Telephones. All sorts of features including recording yours and other calls, monitoring calls and even jumping in and joining a call you are monitoring. Single user plans start at $24.99/mo. Visit Website

Best US Cell Phone Deal

There is a lot of competition in the cell phone service space. Prices keep dropping. Plans with unlimited everything are the most attractive, and often most costly. Most today have unlimited US calling and text, but many have data restrictions.  One aggregator that stands out is Red Pocket Mobile. In addition to their unlimited text, data and calling, their call reach encompasses the globe! And you can keep your current number and stay on your current network (Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, etc.).

  • Red Pocket Mobile The company was brought on by eBay to handle phone service for new and used phones sold on their site. Red Pocket Mobile allows global calling (5G where available), unlimited text, unlimited data, WiFi Hot Spot, all for about $30/month (per single line)! – Visit Website

Free Computer Protection Programs

Destructive and annoying programs find their way more and more onto computers these days. Windows Defender isn’t terrible but there are other free options that function better. Stay away from paid Norton Antivirus and McAfee Antivirus accounts. All paid and generally not worth the money. They also tend to slow down your computer. The suggested programs programs below are free (there are paid versions with additional features, but the free ones are fine). Run them at least once per week (close all other programs when running them and do it at a time when you don’t need the computer). Also, make sure you update each one BEFORE you run them. Note: The programs listed below are NOT designed to stop cyber-attacks. Firewall settings and monitoring along with programs available from a variety of sources that claim to protect from ransomware attacks. This is going to require more time to research and info that we can post here. The programs below will protect you from viruses and will limit or remove much of the junk websites and other programs add to your computer without your knowledge.