Yes rates are on the rise, but if you have been procrastinating about your refinance, or need cash out of an existing property to buy another, the timing is still good. With the Federal Reserve stating that the first of many rate hikes in 2022 will begin in March, getting a loan started and locked at today’s rates is critical.

So how do you know the best day to lock a rate? Well you can call a dozen lenders every day to see how rates are trending, or you can do it the easy way by subscribing to our Rate Update program. We send out rates on a variety of different common loan test scenarios so you can see, daily, how rates are changing. Send an email to and we will add you to that list (you may stop receiving them at any time).

What is interesting is that everyone who was receiving our daily rate update before they finished their loans have chosen to continue receiving them! Why? Well in this crazy economy it is impossible to bank on precisely which way rates are headed. Perhaps something in the Fed’s plans will change and drive rates down again for a time. Depending on the rate they got, it might make sense to refinance again. The old adage, knowledge is power, definitely applies. Contact us today!