.5% Fed hike – J. Powell’s Comments

Mr. Powell started with a new .5% rate hike, with multiple .5% rate hikes to come and that a future .75% rate hike is off the table. However he further stated that if higher rates were required the Federal Reserve would not hesitate to go there, so we can count on basically nothing. There will… Continue reading .5% Fed hike – J. Powell’s Comments

How Now J. Powell?

Never one to disappoint, the star of the Federal Reserve, Mr. Jerome Powell left his Darth Vader mask at home but his presence once again brought the stock market to its knees. Nothing quite so dramatic as to upstage Netflix 28% drop, on an earnings report showing a loss of 200,000 subscribers. First yearly loss… Continue reading How Now J. Powell?

What the Fed said

About an hour before market close Jerome Powell addressed the nation with the Federal Reserve’s plan to increase rates. He started by raising their rate by .25% (I was sure it would have been .5%. Guess my crystal ball still isn’t working). He went on to say he expects thereto be 7 raises this year.… Continue reading What the Fed said

Mortgage Rates Right Now

The Fed raising rates- how much and how many times, stopping bond purchases, selling assets, oh and yea a small war in the Ukraine. At least COVID is gone since they removed mask mandates almost everywhere. So rates are… confused. Generally the 10 Year Treasury is a reasonable guideline for how rates are trending. Now… Continue reading Mortgage Rates Right Now

Still Time to Refi – Know the Best Day

Yes rates are on the rise, but if you have been procrastinating about your refinance, or need cash out of an existing property to buy another, the timing is still good. With the Federal Reserve stating that the first of many rate hikes in 2022 will begin in March, getting a loan started and locked… Continue reading Still Time to Refi – Know the Best Day

Winning the Bidding War

I Love My Lender – Purchase Advantage ILML E Pre-QualHunting for a home right now? Looking to purchase something quickly before the first Federal Reserve March rate hike? Check out the I Love My Lender purchase advantage. We developed our E Pre-Qual to add another layer of credibility for your seller. Most pre-qualifications require eDisclosures… Continue reading Winning the Bidding War

January Inflation Report – 7.48%

Just when you thought all the hard work and planning that our Federal Reserve has done must be paying off, the report this month showed inflation even higher than last month’s 7.04% rate. The report drove the stock market down on Thursday and while mortgage interest rates remained at Wednesday’s open, it likely won’t be… Continue reading January Inflation Report – 7.48%

Stock Roller Coaster – Mortgage Rates Holding So Far

Well, the CPI came out today and the stock market did another tuck and roll. A few things moving up but for the most part a down day. The 10 Year Treasury broke 2% and the 2 Year is over 1.5%. 10 Year is higher than it has been since 2019. So with news like… Continue reading Stock Roller Coaster – Mortgage Rates Holding So Far

The Fed – Stock – and Mortgage Rates

Yesterday was yet another interesting day. Facebook, with bad earnings, no surprise, at a 26.39% drop end of day. Snap came in a close 2nd at a 23.60% drop. And of course Richard Branson’s, Virgin Galactic couldn’t miss ranking on such a low day and only lost 9.71%. Even the SPY took a 2.35% hit… Continue reading The Fed – Stock – and Mortgage Rates

Chair Powell Speaks After Fed Decision

Jay Powell addressed the country at 11:30AM PST. Issues we were waiting for answers on were a definite on the first rate raise in March, and whether they would push it .25% or .5%. He skated around answering that with any certainty. It was inferred that there would be 5 rate hikes this year now.… Continue reading Chair Powell Speaks After Fed Decision